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Government Shutdown and Zanola


Zanola works with a variety of clients, from groups and companies looking to invest in properties, to public and private entities looking to promote growth in their community. Different outcomes in data can financially impact projects we are researching, and the timing of receiving important data can push back dates for our clients and their arrangements with banks, contractors, and others involved in the projects.

While the U.S. government shutdown did not directly affect Zanola, during the two-week period, there were some complications for us. For our research projects, we often acquire U.S. Census data, IRS migration data, and various other data maintained by the federal government. During the shutdown, Zanola did not have access to these government databases, which set back a few of our projects. The setback was passed on to our customers when we could not get them the information they needed and provide complete research and study data.

As soon as the federal websites were back up, the Zanola team kicked it into high gear and we are currently back in action, getting our timelines back on track for clients. Keep an eye out for updates on some of our exciting new projects!

By Rachel Ballard