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Research vs. Data Collection


The terms "research" and "data collection" are often used interchangeably, however we'd like to shed some light on the distinct differences between the two. 

Data collection is just the beginning of a research project. Step one is to gather the data. Gathering the data can mean creating it yourself, or it can mean compiling other available data and resources. For Zanola researchers, it often means driving and sitting in drafty courthouses.

While data collection is the first step in a research project, it doesn't end there. Research is more involved. It includes moving on from data collection to understanding and interpreting the data, making all the data collected come together to form conclusions or results.

Here at Zanola, our team loves having its hands in every step of the process. Our projects start from the ground up, gathering data from various sources. Our experts then interpret the data in alignment with the goals of the project and arrive at the best conclusion possible given the data received.

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By Rachel Ballard