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Missing from the Headlines:

“Opportunity Discovered in Lake of the Ozarks West End”

Do you ever wish for a communication do-over?

Background: Zanola Company recently completed a study for a group of business owners in Osage Beach, Missouri. These businesses are located in the “West End” of the Lake of the Ozarks. The new Highway 54 expressway is complete. The old Highway 54 is now known as Osage Parkway. Our study evaluated the impact of the closing of one of the Expressway and Parkway intersections. Our initial findings were that this intersection is vital to the West End businesses and needs to be fully functional, however modified as it might need to be, to not be dangerous. We presented our study to the Osage Beach City Council in November.

A headline published by the Lake News on November 25, 2012 stated “Study Spells Doom for West End.” The story captured one of our message points.

However, the most meaningful outcome of our research, and the one we want to emphasize the most, is that there is great growth opportunity for the West End area of the Lake of the Ozarks.

If we could, we would rewrite that headline and the tone of the story to“Opportunity Discovered for West End Business Growth!” The study of the intersection revealed a logistical advantage and opportunities for growth in this area where the Parkway and Expressway are closely parallel to each other and with potential for great accessibility and visibility for new development.