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Building Permits: Navigating the Maze of Question Marks

At Zanola Company, we know that the building permit application process is not an easy one to navigate. You walk into city hall just hoping for a building permit. After struggling to find the right office, once it is located, the one person who isn't out of the office doesn't know where the forms are kept, how many copies of the plan you need to attach, or how long it will be before you hear from someone. She hands you what she can find and suggests you check their website, again.

We are currently working for a city to put together a Homebuilding and Development Practices and Procedures Guide. This guide will recommend the best practical practices for homebuilding and development processes. These "basics" are intended to proactively address most common items, such as zoning, permit process and fees, inspections, schedules, occupancy, etc., with a goal to help people like you navigate the maze and tackle the obstacles that come with applying for a building permit. 

We are excited to create this best practices model for communities and builders to proactively work together. We look forward to seeing how this project will positively impact the city we're currently working with, seeing how the implementation of this plan can enable a community to grow through the advent of new home-building projects to attract families and individuals alike. 

So tell us ... you walk into a city hall hoping for a permit ... what's your best case scenario? Email Us!