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Your Input Wanted: Graphic Concepts

We would like to give you an opportunity to provide your input as we work through the stages of designing new information about Zanola and MarketGraphics® studies and services.

Zanola Company is receiving more and more requests for research, feasibility studies, and marketing programs. We are thrilled to be working with real estate developers, cities, counties, economic development groups, banks, builders, utilities, and others to help them grow and achieve their goals.

Following are graphic concepts that are in the works to explain us and what we do better. We would love to have you look them over and send us your feedback on design and ease of understanding. 

Please be frank if they effectively communicate what we can accomplish, and let us know if improvements are needed.

Item One:
These are logos and brief intros of the market segments served by Zanola and MarketGraphics. (Click for PDF)
Item Two:
This is a chart that shows the different levels of custom research and studies by Zanola and MarketGraphics®. (Click for PDF)
Item Three:
This is a presentation of the methodology of our research and what is included at varying levels of research. (Click for PDF)

Please give feedback by emailing Rachel Ballard.