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Behind-the-Scenes of a High-Tech Market Study

Zanola often works behind the scenes with great client's businesses and projects. We thought we would share an inside peek at how we work.

Juggling extensive research, writing, communication, more research, and more writing for multiple studies at once is fast-paced, high-energy work. This work relies on the dependability and determination of, not only Zanola Company's dedicated staff, but a widespread team of freelancers, too. We may all be deployed in various directions - working on projects in the field; finding office space in libraries, coffee shops, and cafes; hunting down a shred of free Wi-Fi where available when office and home power is down - but our shared virtual office is housed on Smartsheet, the high-tech glue that holds the Zanola team, in-office and out, together.

Smartsheet, a web-based work management and crowdsourcing tool, enables us to share, upload, and download files, creating a collaborative work environment in the absence of a shared physical work space. Through Smartsheet, Joe is able to draft a section of a study he conceptualizes through his research and upload it, where it is then downloaded by Rachel for further edits. Her new version is uploaded and sent to a research writer to download and insert graphics and format ... and the cycle goes on and on until a complete study is born.

Zanola Company is thriving because of emerging high-tech tools that make connecting between miles ever easier! Keep an eye out - you may find one of us hunched over a laptop in a coffee shop near you.