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Understanding School Ratings Parent vs. Professional

School ratings can often be the factor that makes or breaks a family or company's decision to put down roots in a certain area. At Zanola, we certainly take this into consideration when studying all the variable data as part of our client studies, using school ratings to gain a better understanding of the market area.

Understanding how to interpret a school's rating can be difficult. Many ratings only factor in test scores or other concrete data, but personally, we are interested in a lot more than that - teacher quality, principal leadership, and parental involvement are very important to each of us at Zanola Company as parents, and we know it is important to our clients as well. We have a couple great websites that we use to find schools within a certain city or district and rank them using criteria beyond merely academic performance.

Both and offer school ratings and rankings nationwide. This information is valuable to our clients in determining next steps for their success.

School ratings are just one set of data among many that Zanola uses when conducting a custom study for clients. We encourage you to check out one of our studies and see how Zanola Company can help your city, company, community, or organization achieve its best future.

By Rachel Ballard