Joe's Blog - a Zanola Company Essential

The scope and scale of the projects we do at Zanola Company can be staggering - both in content, geographic spread, and even file size. When we need to collaborate with clients, we choose Dropbox, which for us, lives up to its tagline - "One place for all your stuff, wherever you are."
Dropbox is an online storage tool that we have on all our electronic devices - desktop, laptop, phone, tablets, etc. When a client is sending us information, or we have updates and info to send to clients to keep them abreast of the progress we are making in their study, the files are uploaded to a Dropbox folder assigned to each client. Once files are uploaded, links are shared with Zanola Company clients and employees, giving them automatic access to Zanola Company work.

Collaborating with clients is easy in the Dropbox environment. When everyone works from the Dropbox folder on their computers, any changes made to files by one person show up for all the collaborators when they open the file. 

We love it because it is a great way to share content and make sure both client and Zanola Company remain on the same page and trajectory through the duration of a project. It is a convenient tool, and free for up to two GB of storage. We encourage you to check it out!

By Rachel Ballard