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Zanola on the Go: Ready for Anything

Today’s blog post is brought to you by Angelo Zanola, Zanola Company’s lead researcher.

Recently, I had to take my personal laptop into the shop to get my hard drive replaced. It’s the same type of problem that could have ruined a week’s worth of work in my college days. Now, however, I can just plug my Time Machine hard drive into my repaired MacBook Pro during lunch, and by the time I return home at night I will have essentially the same computer I had before it broke. At Zanola Company, we use a variety of methods to make sure computer errors and problems are only inconveniences, and not disasters.

We are constantly using Smartsheet to upload and update data and documents we use in our projects. Rachel Ballard stores our data both in a hard drive in our server room as well as through Dropbox folders. Joe uses the automated cloud backup service Carbonite to keep his entire computer backed up online. As for myself, I keep a Passport hard drive with me on the road and regularly back up my MarketGraphics® field information on a SD card that stays in my work laptop at all times.

Even with all of these precautions, we are still vulnerable to flukes and accidents with our technology. But with these layers of precaution, if anything goes wrong, we will only have to redo minutes’ or hours’ worth of work instead of days, putting us back to work for our clients with new homes research, opportunity discoveries, feasibility studies, marketing programs, and innovative sales management even faster.