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Case Study: Lincoln, Nebraska

We are excited to share the work we are doing for a Lincoln, Nebraska-based client. Our client is planning to develop a four-story structure in Lincoln’s downtown historic Haymarket District, the entirety of which is protected by the National Register of Historic Places.

The Haymarket District, a growing lifestyle destination, has in recent years seen many changes as developers are converting historic buildings into multiple-use structures, including living spaces. It is anticipated that our client’s building, built in 1888, will be converted into 18 apartment units, ranging from 600 to 1,279 square feet, which will eventually be converted to for-sale condominiums.

Zanola is providing a Multifamily Development Demand Study to identify the extent and type of multifamily demand and supply over the next five years that is relevant to the proposed project.

The following are several vital items we are working to complete:

  • Mapping Research Focus:  Provides regional and local mapping perspectives for the development, establishing views of key geographic locations, transportation routes, accessibility attributes, new housing development areas, employment growth areas, competitive hot spots, and mapped demographics data.
  • Demographics Research Focus:  Provides current demographics analysis and five-year projections for the development’s anticipated primary market area.
  • Competitive Research Focus:  Provides a detailed analysis of existing multifamily developments that have been observed as potentially competitive to the development. Includes a competitive review matrix format containing critical items and characteristics relevant to the building.
  • Combined Analysis:  Provides analysis of the research focus data, including a wide range of foreseen positive and negative opportunities.

We are excited to see how this development can positively add to a growing historic district in Lincoln, Nebraska.