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Barbeque Across America: Tuscaloosa, AL

My story

I grew up in Memphis in the 50s and 60s, which I believe was the perfect training ground to justify my barbeque pedigree. In our part of Tennessee, barbeque was heavy-mopped, finished with lots of sauce, cooked over fist-sized real charcoal, and had an outer-ring hickory bite.

My belief

The best barbeque is imperfect, always a flavor surprise of tender pork or chicken that's got a char for flavor, crispy bits for texture, and however much warmed sauce you want. 

My selfish secret

A waft of barbeque smoke is on my wish list for heaven.


Zanola's research studies and projects lead us to lots of great places across the country. Job one: we work hard. Job two:  we use our research skills for barbeque.

With this Barbeque Across America blog, we are sharing our studied results for Full Moon Bar-B-Que in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  

Over the past three years, Zanola has been working with the city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. We are on a team with the Alabama Center of Real Estate (ACRE) and MarketGraphics® Southeast, providing housing research and guidance for Tuscaloosa's new development following the 2011 storms. It is totally rewarding to be part of a great community rebuilding and growing. 

Full Moon Bar-B-Que opened in Tuscaloosa in 2013, and are located at the crossroads of the 2011 tornado's greatest impact. 

When ready to power down for the day, Full Moon's rib and chicken combo is my pick. Nothing is bashful about this barbeque. Full spareribs and hickory-charred chicken pair perfectly. Must-add sides are BBQ beans, white vinegar slaw, chow-chow, and cornbread. If you are among the classy about your barbeque, make a beeline to the sauce warmers. Bottles of Full Moon's sauce are always warmed and full. 

 If you have a project or a barbeque recommendation for Zanola, let us know. Your suggestions will get our most serious attention. 

By Joe Zanola