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Zanola on Campus

Today's blog post is brought to you by Rachel Ballard, Zanola Company's research manager.

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To expand and optimize the services we're able to give our clients, and because I am a huge nerd at heart and am always excited for opportunities to learn something new, I've recently began courses at the University of Missouri - St. Louis to receive my Social & Digital Media Marketing certification.

I've started my continuing education with a "Blogs to Buzz" course taught by Danielle Smith, a digital correspondent, host, storyteller, speaker, media training, vlogger, and author. She is the face behind

The course is condensed into two 8-hour Saturday sessions, and after the first session (half of the course!), my mind is swimming with ideas - with not only instructor-assigned homework, but also how to implement some of the skills learned to benefit both Zanola Company and our clients.

I'm learning about unifying company blogs with branding, using both elements to connect with our core audience, which in turn, humanizes the brand, develops strategic partnerships, generates publicity, establishes authority, and increases our bottom line.

Zanola is happy to have the opportunity to learn more and remain relevant and vibrant in our field! We are also excited to put these new skills to good use for our amazing clients. Stay tuned for more!

By Rachel Ballard