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Zanola on the Road: How We Gather Data

Today's post is brought to you by Angelo Zanola, Zanola Company's lead researcher.

As lead researcher for Zanola Company, I do almost all of our driving and subdivisions counts for MarketGraphics® research, which are essential to our annual Housing and Subdivision Analysis update. 

Often times clients ask us how we gather our data and where it comes from – as you can see on this map of the counties driven this MarketGraphics® audit, we at Zanola cover quite a lot of area every four months. The blue lines are the GPS trail of my car, and the dots show individual subdivisions. The only major blank spot not tracked by the GPS receiver plugged into my laptop is St. Louis City since Joe Zanola drives that area himself.

Every four months, we drive to every active new home subdivision in each of the 10 counties in the St. Louis region to count the number of occupied, newly-finished-but-unoccupied, and under-construction homes, collecting information on home types and lots. We count counties in the same order each drive so our information is a regular four months apart. We also always leave the densest and most active counties (St. Louis County and St. Charles County) for last so they are the most current when our reports are published. This consistency gives us the most reliable, up-to-date data to use in our research studies.

By Angelo Zanola