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How to Target the Millennial Market

This recent report released by The Nielsen Company revealed some statistics on the Millennial generation that may be surprising. This generation makes up 24 percent of the country's population, making them on par with Baby Boomers with 77 million members. Millennials span a large swath of time - people categorized as Older Millennials are currently 28-36 years old, and Younger Millennials are 18-27 years old. That covers births between the years of 1977-1995.

The Nielsen report puts the generational outline of the U.S. into perspective, showing where Millennials lie on the spectrum starting with the Greatest Generation (1901-1924) and ending with Generation Z (1995-present). The Millennial generation has faced a shift in priority compared to other generations. By growing up in the most dire economy the country has faced since the Great Depression, this generation has become increasingly reliant on banding together through community, family, and social networks.

These generational quirks and differences can make it difficult to know how to identify and relate to a Millennial market. Zanola research studies can help you first, identify the generations represented by your target market, and second, help you most effectively communicate with and relate to these markets. We know that even if you land within this generation, there is yet another divide within the community between older and younger millennials that needs to be acknowledged, and sometimes even that gap can be hard to bridge. If you would like to find out how Zanola Company can help you target this market, please contact Rachel Ballard at or 314-918-7200 about our marketing consulting services.

By Rachel Ballard