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Today’s blog post is brought to you by Rachel Ballard, Zanola’s research manager.

Recently, we read an article with projections for Airbnb, a trusted community marketplace that provides an alternative to hotel rooms, providing users with an opportunity to list, find, and book unique accommodations around the world. The projects indicate a predicted boom among business travelers using Airbnb.

At Zanola, we haven’t used Airbnb for our business travels, but two Zanola employees, myself included, have used Airbnb for personal travel in recent months. Overall, we both gave the resource rave reviews, an almost too-easy-to-be-true method of booking a bed for travel.

Airbnb users are great about leaving detailed, honest reviews, which put our minds at ease while booking. In our experience, the apartments on Airbnb provide a unique perspective on travel that you may not get otherwise – apartments are embedded in city neighborhoods that are full of unique character, a refreshing experience from the typical row of hotels in tourist-heavy areas.

Apartments can be rented by room or by the entire place, with fees that are competitive to hotel prices (or in our cases, the cost of an entire apartment was even more competitively priced than a hotel.) 

Our tips – ask if a cleaning service is used. Both of us felt that the apartments could have been cleaner when we got there. Also, find out as much as you can about the apartment layout and think through if the space will work for the length of time you want. One of us had a separate sitting area, but for the other, the only option for seating in the apartment was the bed, which became tiresome for the duration of the weekend. 

We’re excited to see Airbnb take off!

By Rachel Ballard