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Zanola Help That Works

Zanola Company helps clients nationwide in real estate research and consulting, 

including MarketGraphics® new homes research, opportunity discoveries, feasibility studies, marketing programs, and innovative sales management. 

Here are some specific ways we have been able to help our clients:

  • For a bank … Onsite reviews of watch-list and REO developments – Zanola provided site-specific strategies to either hold for maximum values or prepare for bulk sale.
  • For a city … Demographic direction for lifelong citizens’ housing needs – Zanola crafted a plan to revive homebuyer interest and prevent retail vacancies.
  • For a supplier … Zanola delivered a five-year expansion plan for new products, including a step-by-step sales launch, preparing the supplier to become a market category leader.

We love being able to offer research that gives our clients bountiful solutions and hands-on business improvement. We welcome you to ask Zanola Company and MarketGraphics to help you. Visit or contact us at 314-918-7200 or