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Zanola on the Go – what happens in one second online

Here’s a mental image to wrap your head around:  if one byte were represented by one gallon of water, the amount of information transferred across the internet each second (7.79 terabytes/second) would fill the Pacific Ocean in 122 days. 

In the world of social media, 4,051 photos are posted to Facebook every second. Every day on WordPress (which we use to host this blog), 6,649,776 novels-worth of blog content is read.

This data, and more, was part of this interactive infographic on The Content Explosion – what happens in a single second online. We encourage you to check it out!

At Zanola, where most of our employees work from remote offices, we found this information particularly striking. It’d be interesting to see how many bodies of water full of information the Zanola team fills from week to week, with research, general communication, document sharing, and more.

With so much information being shared in the world each second, even if we occupy just a drop in the bucket (or the ocean), it is vital that we keep ourselves organized. We rely heavily on our online storage and organization tools.

Dropbox makes it easy for us to share photos and PDFs and other documents with other Zanola employees and clients.

LastPass securely stores our passwords and information for filling forms online.

Smartsheet is our invaluable resource for keeping all documents for one project together from start to finish – from proposals and agreements to final drafts of studies.
Add linked Smartsheet logo with text wrapped to the right.

Evernote is our resource for clipping quick notes, websites, images, and more for our research.

We encourage you to check out the infographic, as well as our organization tools. We hope they help you stay on top of your part of the 7.70 terabytes per second!