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4 Questions for your Governmental Development

Zanola Company offers a wide range of feasibility and research studies, as well as real estate consulting and sales and marketing management across many segments of the building industry, from single and multifamily new home developments to city and regional housing growth plans to commercial development.

While challenging to fit into a succinct elevator speech, we’ve seen that our studies across the board can answer four specific questions to help each client find and reach their goals.

Our Legacy Research Studies offer site-specific research for governmental developments, answering four vital questions for best success.

1.  Is there a solid research data for our area?
Zanola Company’s Legacy Point Study presents an overview of future growth for governmental developments. The study provides core research for understanding an area’s growth outlook and demographic trends.

2.  What is the outlook for our area’s demographics needs and housing supplies?
Zanola Company’s Legacy Focus Study evaluates the stability and future growth of an area. This focused analysis gives a client an opportunity to see if they will be able to grow and service their community’s lifelong needs.

3.  What are the most desirable opportunities for our area?
Zanola Company’s Legacy Discovery Study identifies the best strategies for growth and prosperity for a community. This study provides the ultimate research, guidance, and planning for a community’s needs.

4.  What is the universe of research for the greatest future for our area?
Zanola Company’s Legacy Z-Factor Study provides the ultimate research, guidance, and planning for a community’s needs. This study provides custom research for a client’s unique needs, especially necessary when much is on the line.

To learn more about Zanola’s work with governmental developments, please contact us at 314-918-7200. Keep an eye out for a future post that will discover how these four questions can guide commercial developments.

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