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Tiny Houses Take Over

One theme that echoed throughout the International Builders’ Show this year is the emergence of the tiny house movement that is picking up steam all over the country. This trend has even launched a TV show.

Tiny houses, usually 400 square feet or less, are becoming a popular option for people looking to downsize their home, whether for economic, environmental, or adventurous reasons. Often able to be equipped to attach to a trailer hitch, tiny houses can allow the owners to bring the comforts of home with them on the road. It is fascinating to click through pictures and see how these tiny homes efficiently use the space given, with innovative storage solutions and Murphy bed-style furniture and fixtures.

 It’s also been interesting how these home are appealing to people across all generations – both as an offshoot of the empty-nester RV culture and as an innovative option for yuppies beginning their families, unwilling to fully abandon their urban mobility and embrace suburban culture.

 We are eager to see just how widespread these tiny houses will become, and if their proliferation impact the housing market.