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Case Study: regional utility company

case study regional utility company

We are excited to share the work we are doing for a major regional utility company. Using MarketGraphics®, Nielsen Claritas, and publicly available data, this study will identify areas poised for growth as well as areas with stalled growth to anticipate long-range development and infrastructure projects.

For this client, we are conducting a Residential and Commercial Forecast and Growth Study to provide them with a new unit-by-year forecast and growth rate forecast for the following segments:

  • Residential Single Family – Attached and Detached
  • Churches
  • ­Schools
  • ­Hotels/Motels
  • ­Restaurants
  • ­Retail – Free standing
  • ­Offices – Retail
  • ­Offices – Warehouse

This study will provide a 10-year extended growth forecast for the counties within the company’s coverage area, examining population growth, segment inventory levels, and expenditure levels to create an estimated extended forecast in order to ensure our client’s best growth.

We are excited to see how the results of our study can add to this company’s positive future growth!