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Market Movers: City of Mt. Vernon

Today we’d like to share an update on a Zanola project that is in progress with the city of Mt. Vernon, Illinois.

The city of Mt. Vernon, located in south central Illinois, was the focus of a recent Zanola Company housing study identifying demographics-based housing needs for the city. The study explored different growth plans and scenarios, eventually finding the best-fit growth plan for Mt. Vernon. The plan includes the opportunity to develop and build 28 different types of homes; all total, the study justifies a need for 360 to 718 new housing units in Mt. Vernon by 2016.

In recent months, Zanola has moved forward into the implementation phases of the marketing plan established for the city of Mt. Vernon, launching a new website that outlines the Mt. Vernon Strategic Housing Growth Program and targets builders, developers, and residential support professionals. All available resources – guides, contact information, and links to city staff – are found on the website.

We have also launched builder emails, blogs, and web updates to draw interest from residential developers, builders, and other homebuilding professionals. If you are interested in signing up for these updates, click here.

Currently, we are working on efforts for a public relations campaign that identifies target prospects, referrals, and media outlets; organizes them into priority lists for direct outreach and reporting; and launches outreach and follow-up with these prospects.

Mt. Vernon has seen tremendous growth over the past years – employers are adding jobs, business is growing, and city revenues are strong. We are excited to be part of this project! Keep watching Mt. Vernon – together, we’re moving the market!

By Rachel Ballard