Research & Feasibility Studies

Research & Feasibility Studies

Zanola market research is designed for what you need to know. We facilitates research for residential, multifamily, commercial and community. Click on the icons below to learn more about each study.


Zanola Site Specific Feasibility and Marketing Studies take our base-level research found in the MarketGraphics® Housing and Subdivision Analysis and drill it down to evaluate and determine the market outlook from a site specific perspective. Our feasibility research includes mapping of home buyer draw areas, depth of market by demographics segment, total market forecast, demand, competition, pricing, risk ratings by price points, absorption rate scenarios, design recommendations, and summarized feasibility ratings.


The Feasibility and Marketing Study is an invaluable tool and Zanola has the ability to adeptly develop this study during any phase of the development process. This comprehensive research study is used by our Clients as a continuing guide for financing, market evaluation, design development, risk control, demographics, PR, marketing, and sales.