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Case Study: regional utility company

case study regional utility company

We are excited to share the work we are doing for a major regional utility company. Using MarketGraphics®, Nielsen Claritas, and publicly available data, this study will identify areas poised for growth as well as areas with stalled growth to anticipate long-range development and infrastructure projects.

For this client, we are conducting a Residential and Commercial Forecast and Growth Study to provide them with a new unit-by-year forecast and growth rate forecast for the following segments:

  • Residential Single Family – Attached and Detached
  • Churches
  • ­Schools
  • ­Hotels/Motels
  • ­Restaurants
  • ­Retail – Free standing
  • ­Offices – Retail
  • ­Offices – Warehouse

This study will provide a 10-year extended growth forecast for the counties within the company’s coverage area, examining population growth, segment inventory levels, and expenditure levels to create an estimated extended forecast in order to ensure our client’s best growth.

We are excited to see how the results of our study can add to this company’s positive future growth!

Market Movers: Chouteau’s Grove

Construction is slated to begin later this year on Chouteau’s Grove, a new mixed-use infill development in Midtown St. Louis. A project of Zanola Company client Green Street Real Estate Ventures, we are thrilled to be part of the exciting steps forward in St. Louis’ revitalization and growth.

According to a New York Times article, St. Louis has had a 26 percent increase in college grads aged 25 to 34 living here from 2000 to 2012. There is data that also shows that once these college grads hit their mid-30s, they're less likely to move. The areas with an influx of college grads in recent years are likely to be the economic powerhouses of the future.

We are excited to see the role Chouteau’s Grove will undoubtedly play in the city of St. Louis’ overall growth in the coming years. The planned Chouteau’s Grove development will widen the expanse of the ever-growing Grove neighborhood in St. Louis, adding about 350 residents in 271 units to the area. 

Keep an eye out for more Chouteau’s Grove and Green Street news in coming months. Together, we’re moving the market!

St. Louis ranked among the 25 Best Cities for Jobs

Glassdoor, a jobs and career community for job searches and employee recruitment, has recently released its list of the 25 Best Cities for Jobs, which were determined based on hiring opportunity, cost of living, and job satisfaction.

Zanola Company’s home base of St. Louis is ranked at number 11, with cost of living giving it the edge over larger cities like San Francisco, Dallas/Fort Worth, Boston, and Chicago. On a five-point scale, St. Louis scored a 3.7. Data gathered for job satisfaction are based on company reviews shared on Glassdoor.

Glassdoor’s methodology is unique in its attempt to create a transparent career community for job searchers. The site’s database contains millions of company reviews, CEO approval ratings, salary reports, interview reviews and questions, benefits reviews, office photos, and more, collected by the employees themselves.

We are proud to see St. Louis stack up so well against a national pool of metro areas!