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LastPass Password Manager - a Zanola Company favorite

These days, every website we use demands users create a login and password. Online banking, email, retail websites, social networking - it can be difficult to keep everything straight. To help tame this part of everyday life, we use LastPass, an online password manager and form filler.

LastPass is an add-on tool that appears in the toolbar of your internet browser. After installing LastPass, you can log in through your browser, add websites to your LastPass account, and the next time you visit that site, LastPass fills in the user name and password for you. LastPass also has a form filler tool that keeps you from having to fill out your name and address information on every website, every time.

All information saved with LastPass is completely secure - the program encrypts and saves your information locally, on your PC or Mac.

We enjoy using LastPass because it's easy, secure, and saves time while working online. And even better -  the basic service is free.

No more relying on eidetic recall or scrolling through a long list of saved login information to find the one needed. LastPass is truly the last password you'll need to remember. We encourage you to check it out!

By Rachel Ballard