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At the International Builders' Show - Part 1


This week, Rachel Ballard is blogging live from the International Builders' Show (IBS) in Las Vegas, presented by the National Association of Home Builders.

Day one of IBS is in the books. It was go, go, go from the start, with day one starting at a time of day I generally reserve for catching a flight to the Caribbean. I'm fairly certain I walked over eight miles throughout the day. My hand is completely cramped from the ferocious note taking I've been doing. However, even with that said, this trip can already go in the books as amazing!

Daniel Levitan's class "Marketing for Profit and Growth: Exploit Your Niche" blew my mind with so much great information and so many action items that I was convinced the rest of my trip would feel like a major disappointment ... what could compete? His presentation had three key points - first, utilizing his key word - professional - in how you handle each and every contact and sale. Second, the necessity for a written strategy, and that the strategy must be shared with all team members in order to be successful. And third, he spoke of how to get your message out and how to differentiate yourself from competitors. Beyond just my class notes, I had a full page of notes of how to practically apply Daniel's ideas for two current Zanola Company clients - actionable items!

I also attended Carol Morgan (mRelevance LLC), Chad Davis (NAHB), and Jamie Gorski's (The Bozzuto Group) presentation, "The State of Social Media 2014." This presentation walked through the major social media themes - increasing images, pay-to-play, and SEO. They also went over how to convert social media to leads and explained multiple social media outlets, including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+. They explored this data that asserts that 73 percent of adults now use social networking sites. I left this presentation with another page full of notes on how to apply the principles and techniques learned in this class to current Zanola Company clients.

We would love to put our new knowledge to use for you! If you are looking for opportunities to grow your marketing for profit and growth, or to fully take advantage of your social media presence, contact me at

By Rachel Ballard