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Seeing 2020: An Economic Impact Case Study

By the time we wrap up a study at Zanola Company, all of us feel deeply connected and invested in our client’s project or development – as well as the community surrounding it. 

We recently completed an Economic Impact Overview study for a client, and were thrilled to be able to take a deeper look at the economic impacts a planned residential development could have on a community or development. For this client, our Economic Impact Overview study presented a wide, detailed range of specific data and projections on the economic impact of the creation of a new homes development.
This study looked at projected total local revenues and tax revenues (both during the years of construction and the years following), community job benefits, and how the development fits into the overall community master plan – whether or not it will help satisfy current or projected housing needs. Each subsection of the study quantified the projected one-year impact and recurring yearly impact, projecting growth through 2020.

This type of study can apply to community regulatory groups and developers alike. If you would like Zanola Company to help you crunch the numbers and gather the vital data that will enable you to confidently pursue new homes growth in your community, we encourage you to contact us!

By Denise Kruse