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Zanola at the 2015 International Builders’ Show – Part 1

After last year’s neck-breaking pace at the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas, I was ready this year, fully hydrated with comfy shoes on.

The first session I attended had a wealth of great information for our builders and city and community planning clients. "Creating Community:  What Buyers Really Want and How You Can Deliver It” was taught by Chris Grady, principal and senior land planner at Kephart, and Michael Medick, registered architect and urban planner at BSB Design. I will be exploring this session in more detail in a future post, but as a snapshot, I liked this statement that sums up what buyers are looking for right now – a community to “grow up and old in place.” 

I also attended “Digital Marketing Delivers: How to Create Engagement and Build Competitive Advantage,” taught by Mitch Levinson of Marketing RELEVANCE, Kelly Fink of The Providence Group (Atlanta’s 5th largest builder), Janette Hawkins of Keystone Custom Homes (the largest builder in central Pennsylvania), and Corrine Bachman of French Brothers Inc. This presentation was full of strategies and tips for harnessing the power of the digital marketing platform and using it for your and your clients’ best advantage. In sales, the website is the most powerful tool you have, and leveraging it to work for you can create immeasurable (and many measurable) benefits. 

We are excited to dive deeper into our notes in future blog posts, and implement strategies we’re learning for our clients. If you are looking for guidance in community planning and building a neighborhood, or are hoping to take advantage of digital marketing resources available, contact me at